Monday, March 29, 2010

Jake's Goblin Valley Scout trip March 2010

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Chatfield Update 3/30/2010

Jake’s a big Scouter-boy now. He turned 11 years old last week and the next day went on his first 11-year-old overnighter. The 11 and 12 year olds were joining forces for this campout. After hearing this was Jake’s first overnighter many of the older boys decided to let Jake know there was some great FUN in store for him. Initially Jake was a little worried with those comments, wondering what initiation type activities he would have to go through but the anticipation of fun out-weighed his fears and Friday afternoon he and a whole host of scouts, their dads and leaders were off to Goblin Valley.

The weekend passed slowly for me. I was grateful that when the phone rang it was not to report a mishap from Goblin Valley. Kels was not able to go on this overnighter because of school. Graduation will bring about many blessings, one being the opportunity for Kels to go on campouts with Jake and the other scouts. I find reassurance in that thought.

While waiting for Jake to arrive home safely, Bianca and I traveled to Salt Lake for the Young Women’s Broadcast. We sat on the 2nd row of the highest balcony amongst thousands of beautiful young women, their mothers and leaders. We were given great counsel and insight on how to Be Strong and of a Good Courage (Joshua 1:9). One of Bianca’s favorite parts of the conference was when Sis. Dalton looked out at the huge conference center of young women and said that she imagined that there was a great army of valiant young women (maybe even girl friends) encouraging the 2000 Stripling Warriors. Bianca mentioned that she wouldn’t mind being a girl friend to a stripling warrior. I suggested that we have mighty army of missionaries today that are defending and sharing our beliefs…when the time is right she can go for it!

Bianca also liked Pres. Uchtdorf’s memories of the courtship of his wife. He began his talk with the phrase of “Once Upon A Time…” He said don’t we all enjoy that phrase and then maybe the one at the end that says “and they lived happily ever after.” He said that this can happen not only in fairy tales but as we live our Heavenly Father’s plan for us. And sometimes it takes a lot of work! He then went on telling some stories about how difficult at times it was to get his future wife to notice him. He even ended up peddling his future mother-in-law on bike rides to the church activities because the mother wouldn’t let the daughter go. He kept working on it and he said it finally paid off. I would imagine he has many more fun stories to tell. It was wonderful to see and hear the respect and love that Pres. Uchtdorf has for “his queen.”

As Bianca and I left the conference center we realized that we were in Salt Lake when half the state was there. The Final Four games were being held in the Energy Solutions Center just before the YW broadcast started. Needless to say it was a busy place to BEE!

We decided to wait to stop for dinner until we got back to Utah County. We agreed on a place to eat (Magelbys), a yummy soup and salad joint and while there received a call from Jake telling us that he had arrived home safely. His speech was a little slurred from fatigue but reassured me that he would tell me all about it once we arrived home. Once home we found him fast asleep in his nice comfortable bed.

Kels and Kate had a nice weekend—working hard at school, Activity Days, yard work (yeah, the grass is starting to green up and grow!), chores and preparing for the Sabbath. It’s a good thing someone works around here!

The next morning Jake was full of camping stories about lizards, staying up till 1:00 in the morning, eating an amazing breakfast, kids falling in ditches, thorns, red dirt, mighty swords of righteousness, several games of Capture the Flag amongst the carved goblin-like sculptures out of rock (see for yourself ) and no mention of anything but just plain, good fun! We so appreciate good leaders!

We hope your days are filled with the fun things in life! We sure love you all.
Kels, Kellie, Bianca, Jake and Kate

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chatfield Chatter entry February 2010

I just looked at the date of our last entry for the Chatfield Chatter and realized we’ve been neglecting our responsibility of writing. We are repenting this month and thank you Mom Chatfield for being so diligent in keeping the Chatter alive!

Alive is what the Springville Chatfields are! We tend to make life happen on a day to day or week to week basis…looking forward to what happens next. I’m sure many can relate to that feeling. In our Stake Conference this last weekend Elder Richard Hinckley (our visiting general authority, son of Pres. Hinckley and looks very much like him) counseled us to slow down. Make sure we are doing the important things…like family prayer, family home evening, scripture study, being together as a family…and I would imagine that being together as we run one place to another doesn’t count…or maybe it does! Either way we are grateful that most of our running around happens right here in little ole Springville.

The holidays were once again spectacularly busy and fun. It seems as though from the beginning of school in September through Valentine’s Day in February we have constant events to plan for and celebrate. Let me name just a few; Back-to-school, Halloween, Bianca’s birthday, Thanksgiving, Kate’s birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Kellie’s birthday, Valentine’s day, President’s Day and a whole host of other events like Pinewood Derby, 15 recitals, football, soccer, and basketball games, Jake’s wax museum, plays, and YES…we are still alive…a little jittery, but alive. I guess that is why the counsel that Elder Hinckley gave about slowing down is what resounded most in my mind.

Our latest and greatest news is that after trying out for the school play Aladdin, Jake was on the call back list and then after his audition was given the part of the Genie. Both Kels and I were a little surprised to hear that Jake wanted to try out and even more surprised when he came home claiming that he would be playing the Genie. Jake assured us that there were not many singing parts for him and that made him happy. If you’re in the neighborhood and would like to come see some quality entertainment the play is on May 7th.

Kelsey was grateful that he didn’t receive a “call back”. I mentioned earlier that this weekend was our stake conference. Elder Hinckley was visiting our stake because our beloved stake president, Pres. Richard Austin was released after serving over 9 years. Kels (and 25 other men in the stake) were invited to meet with Elder Hinckley and the area authority Elder Dan Jones as they prepared to call a new stake president. Kels said his interview was to last 8 minutes and he was to have a form filled out upon entering the interview. The first comment the two authorities made was that Kels was very well thought of in the stake. Kels said that he was surprised by that. He didn’t think many people knew him. They wanted to know if Kels was a good husband. (Of course he is.) Elder Jones commented on his student status…still going to school? Elder Jones could relate, he said. And you have young children…yes, once again. They asked a few other questions and then said keep a cell phone with you today in case you need to be reached. Kels went about the rest of the day’s activities and was quite relieved that his phone didn’t ring and he was able to sit back, relax and enjoy the conference weekend. I also enjoyed the weekend and was grateful to be able to sit next to Kels in church on Valentine’s Sunday.

A few other highlights from the last few months:
• Bianca received her patriarchal blessing on November 18th 2009. She was given some amazing blessings along with great counsel to be diligent in keeping the commandments. She was also given a very specific road map to help her build a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.
• Kate turned 8 on December 23rd and celebrated her birthday by choosing to celebrate Joseph Smith’s birthday as well. We went and visited the Joseph Smith Memorial building, watched the movie about Joseph Smith and then had a little birthday dinner at the Lion House Pantry. We continued to celebrate Kate being 8 as she chose to be baptized on January 2nd. Kate’s words to describe her feelings that day were very happy, scared, thankful, and glad. We felt that too.
• On January 8th Jake made his final appearance at the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. His car was carefully crafted by the wood working expert Lynn Anderton, Grandpa Jackson, Uncle Brent, Uncle Randy, Josh, Ben, Kels…and oh ya…Jake! His car was a black and gold race horse that had a sleek look but the first trip down broke a leg…the wheel came off! Quick-thinking-Jake produced his car from last year and even though it was second best won all the races after that. Jake’s award was for the best ¾ horsepower car. He is now ready to race with the BIG boys in the Boy Scouts.
• I turned officially old on January 28th. Half way home!
• Kels has just a few more months of school and then he will be officially graduated…forever!
• January 30th John and Christine left on their mission for the Jerusalem Center. We hope to visit while they are serving.

Thank you for writing in the Chatter. We love you and love to read all about what goes on in your lives.

Kels, Kellie, Bianca, Jake and Kate

A Blast from the Past-Happy Valentine's Day Kels

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