Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chatfield Update 10/14/08

October 14, 2008 Happy Birthday Carri!

For the first time in almost 13 months we saw Mom and Dad! All the Chatfields gathered around the computer and actually connected face to face (via the wonders of web cam) with President and Sister Jackson…ahhh Mom and Dad! It was so nice to hear and SEE them.

It took us awhile to get the sound so as Mom worked diligently to find a solution, Dad entertained us (much to our amusement) in the background by showing us cereal boxes, fiber containers, and other breakfast items that he was preparing and then came back into the picture with his BYU hat on. He had listened to the BYU game the day (or was it the night?) before and wanted to let us know that even many, many miles away he’ still True Blue!

After the phone call ended the kids kept asking, “How long do they have left on their mission?” “When is our next phone call?” In this age of amazing technology a simple call on the phone or a hug in person just cannot be replaced. As much as we love a voice and a smile from many oceans away we can’t wait for that in-person squeeze. Only 4 ½ months to go!

We had our first little snow fall here in Springville last weekend. Jake and I went to Nate’s big Superbowl game and sat there with blankets and coats as big snowflakes fell on our heads. Nate performed well and his team fell just short of being the big winners of 7th grade football. Nate explained after the game that he felt pretty darn good about it…after all this was his first season in football and he had made it to the Superbowl! We thought so too.

Jake’s football team also did well and made it to the playoffs. Jake didn’t have a bowl game but they had great treats after the game and a certificate of achievement for “Playing Hard” and “Keeping The Game Fun”. As spectators of the games we agreed with ALL that.

We’ve also been to a few YW volleyball games. Bianca and her team have done well and have great team unity. Even though they are not always the winning team I never hear any of the team members say anything but positive “good job” comments. They’re fun to watch and every once in awhile Kate and I get to keep score.

Kate, along with her Kindergarten class, is at Hee Haw Pumpkin Patch today. She could barely sleep last night she was so filled with excitement and bounded out of bed this morning with a big smile and shout “I get to ride the bus today!” Life is good in her little world.

This Thursday and Friday is UEA weekend. Carri told us that Southern California refers to UEA as Utah’s Exodus to Anaheim. Our neighborhood lives up to that characterization beautifully. I think half our neighborhood/ward is missing every year around this time and they all come back with Mickey Mouse Ears. We hope to be able to join them one day!

We went Halloween costume shopping last week and it looks like we will have a PINK Super Girl, an Evil Outlaw, and a teenager with pink and black striped socks and masquerade mask. I asked Bianca what she was wearing along with the mask and socks and she informed me that it was a costume-in-progress. I hope the costume “progresses” and has a lot more coverage in the near future…it’s a bit nippy around here!

Kels will be celebrating Halloween in class this year and he’s not too disappointed about it. We told him we’d have fun with or without him!

My costume…well it’s the same every year…just call me MOM! We love Halloween!

Love you all.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jake-Nate Football stars 2008

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Summer with cousins 2008

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Chatfield update 9/30/08

It’s almost October and I feel like it should be just about September! I completely missed our August updates.

The kids are all back in school and mostly liking it. We still have to drag-crane-pull Jake out of bed every school morning. He’s not a morning person, to say the least, but once he wakes up and gets moving he’s got lots of energy. Kate on the other hand bounces out of bed, usually earlier then we’d like and when she finally settles down at night she goes right to sleep. Bianca is in the transitional teenage years (8th grade) where she wants to stay up late and get up late but can’t…either way! She’s always good at being to school on time and often has to wait for the rest of us for morning prayers.

Kate is loving first grade and I think I know why the stock market is in such a downward spiral---Kraft foods must have taken a BIG hit when we started packing Kate’s lunch box. Her Macaroni and Cheese intake has fallen to only one meal a week…that is HUGE! She now eats a honey and butter sandwich every day for lunch along with other semi-nutritious yummies. She is trying lots of new things and liking some of them.

Jake and Bianca eat everything in sight—pizza, chocolate and salad being the favorites. We’re grateful for active kids that eat regular meals and don’t mind taking charge of their own needs every once in awhile.

Speaking of active—we’ve been keeping busy going to Bianca’s volleyball games, Jake’s flag football games, Karate classes and Kate’s dance classes. Piano is still hanging in there for Bianca and Jake (thankfully) and Kate started this year. Kate LOVES to practice and sets a joyful example for her brother and sister. Wonder how long that will last!

We spent Family Night this week at Jake’s football game and then went over to the big high school field to watch Nate play his game. Nate’s position is a nose tackle (huh?) and gets to rush the big boys. They are even important enough to have cheerleaders occasionally. Fourth grader Jake is looking forward to those days, he says with a sheepish grin on his face.

Kels started back to school and goes to class every Friday night and Saturday morning for 4 hours each. This semester seems to be a little more manageable then the past ones and we’re not sure if it’s because it doesn’t interfere with the work day or if Kels is just studying something that he really enjoys. He still gets up rather early to study.

Kels and the kids had a day off from work and school so Kels took the kids on their yearly fall campout last weekend and came home with lots of fun stories to tell. They camped at Clear Creek in Sevier County this year and at least from the pictures it looks to be a beautiful place to visit. There were plenty of “Rock Art” formations, a Wikiup, a Cave of a Hundred Hands, pictographs, wild life and all kinds of other outdoor fun. (See the Smilebox for pictures and video)

As Kels and the kids frolicked in the dirt and sage, I waded through loads and loads of Scholastic books. I wasn’t able to go camping with the family because of PTA responsibilities, darn! We closed our week long school book fair and conducted parent teacher conferences, so I spent most of my night closing-up-shop. We all slept great the next night, home in our own comfortable beds.

And this weekend…well it’s my most favorite time of the year (or at least semi-annually)! It’s General Conference weekend. What could be better than seeing, listening and learning from our prophet and other leaders in the comfort of our own homes, in our jammies.

Sure love you all.
Kellie, Kels and Kids

Clear Creek Camping Sept. 2008

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Simply Family Sept. 2008

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