Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Video clip of anniversary at Sundance

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Chatfield Update 7/18/08

Happy Summer!
This week has been great! No where to go, not much to do, ahhhh. The kids might not be having the time of their lives but I sure am! I’m feeling a little more ready for the commitments I’ve made that come full force with Fall-back-to-school and that feels good. The kids are still in denial about the school thing but are ok with the back-to-school shopping. We bought Kate her 1st grade backpack and she believes she is now ready to be a big kid. The matching lunch box is raring to go as well. We just wonder how she is going to make mac-n-cheese at school.

Bianca’s last couple of weeks have consisted of girls camp, babysitting, vet assisting, and volunteering one day a week at the Old Folks home here in Springville. Girls Camp was a blast for Bianca—see below—Kels was able to visit their cushy camp one night while she was there. He brought pizza and root beer for the girls and leaders, then spent some time enjoying the beautiful setting with them.

Bianca has half the neighborhood vying for her babysitting expertise. She has two regular summer babysitting jobs each week and others that call for the evenings and other daytime hours. Bianca is the kind of babysitter that plays with the kids and she often comes home with little love notes and pictures from the kids she takes care. They love her and she loves making money in such a fun way. She is working hard at babysitting as well as assisting Dr. D. at the animal hospital once a week so she can earn enough money for school clothes. She should have quite the wardrobe if this keeps up. She also pays tithing and puts ½ her earnings in savings. She is quite frugal and often finds it difficult to part with her hard earned money.

One of Bianca’s personal progress goals is to reach out to people in the community. On her own (ok, maybe with a little prompting from mom and dad), she contacted the Springville Retirement Home and asked if she and a friend could come one day a week and perform for the residents there. They were a little unsure at first, but because Bianca and her friend have been reliable and committed to being there they have become very appreciative of their service. Bianca reports that the people there are so cute and friendly. They are even requesting specific piano pieces to be played now. We think that helps cultivate Bianca’s love for the piano!

Jake’s life has slowed downed greatly. He has a awesome cub scout leader that thankfully gives him lots of fun activities to go to and encourages him to keep earning his patches, points or whatever they call them! His den leader is a 60+ year old woman, Dorothy Hinckley, and has been serving as the Bear leader for several years now. Every mother (and father) in our ward pray that Dorothy will not be released until at least one of their boys has been in the den. Last week they had a “feast” at their meeting. Jake came home telling us that was the best ever! They had a table full of little bowls of goodies. They could choose as many bowls as they wanted for their feast but had to apply that to the requirements they were passing off. I guess Jake has passed off enough to come home feeling quite satisfied. The weeks previous to that they have gone swimming at the rec center, biked to SOS Drug for an ice cream, bowling, Kangaroo Zoo (a trampoline events center), and Day Camp where they shot guns, bow and arrows, made boats and all kinds of other “manly things”. Life is good and quite productive in Cub Scouts.

Jake’s baseball season ended with an invitation to attend one of the OWLZ (semi-pro team in Utah county) games to be introduced and invited to come down onto the “Field of Dreams”. He’s excited about that and we appreciate his coach for making the season extra special for these boys. He’s told Jake that he wants him practicing off season…he expects him to come back next year a seasoned catcher or pitcher. Jake’s committed…at least for now.

Kate is just so much fun to have around…that’s good because she’s always around! She’s the first one up in the morning with a “good morning, Mom” greeting and the first one to go to bed at night. She always prays for Grandma and Grandpa on their mission, Grandma Chatfield, all the aunts, uncles and cousins and that Aunt Christine will take good care of all her animals. She also prays for little Maya (Dr. D.’s cute little dog). She has a great fondness for animals and has now added along with wanting to be a grandma when she grows up, she would also like to be an animal doctor. I’m sure she’ll be great at both.

Kels and I celebrated our 24 year wedding anniversary last Monday and feel grateful that life has been good to us. We celebrated by inviting our kids to join us up at Sundance, after all it was Family Home Evening. We rode the chair lift up the mountain and felt quietly amazed at the unspoiled beauty. We know why Robert Redford tries hard keep the tourist attractions out of the area. We enjoyed one of the two places they have to eat there and were quite impressed with the meal. The bill was quite impressive as well. Our kids realized that this was a special occasion.

I’ve been impressed recently with how simple and routine our life is and have felt very grateful for that. Kelsey has been called away for different reasons this week to help, assist and give comfort to some of our neighbors. It’s been made very clear to me how blessed we are to have the life we have. We’re far from perfect around here but so grateful for the things we are learning from the goodness around us.

We sure appreciate and love your goodness! Hope the typhoon misses once again!

Bianca’s Camp Experiences:
The bus ride to camp seemed so long. I was tired but I was too excited to sleep. We arrived at Heber Valley Camp around 9:oo A.M.
We then had a flag ceremony and we sang our camp songs, ate lunch, and played some games. At 1:30 we walked down to the challenge course. The challenge course was so fun, especially the zip-line. That was my favorite.
After that we walked back up the big long hill. We had dinner and then did our skits. Our super hero was "Cover Girl"—Our motto was "We got it covered"
The skits were really funny. That night we had a Star Party, Sister Remy showed us some constellations and told us some stories about them. We then went to our cabins and went to bed around 11:oo, boy was I really tired!
Wednesday was a really spiritual day, as my friend pointed out, our friendships were like rubber bands, our "rubber bands" had been stretched far out meaning that we all were sick of each other. After the cake walk it had been snapped back into place. For the cake walk my camp leader, Sister Parkinson had us all hold out our hands like we were offering something to that person, we were told to not talk but to instead look into each other’s eyes and express our emotions to that person. We all did that to as many people as we could and we all felt the spirit so strongly it was so comforting and so amazing. We also went to the lake, 4 people in our ward tipped over in the canoes. I thought it was funny. Around 9:00 or so we had a spirit walk it wasn't as touching, just because we were the last ward to do it and I was really tired. We all were blind folded and we had to hold onto a rope or as they called it the "Iron Rod" we walked for I don't know 3 minutes and they then put a rock in my hands and explained that that was to represent your sins, people were there to help you just like in the world and I had to listen for bad things trying to take me off of the right path. I guess we were blind folded because we can't always see what things are ahead of us, we just have to listen to the Spirit's promptings.
Thursday, John Bytheway came and he was really funny, he just kept going off subject, talking about modesty, his name, what jokes you can make out of his last name to where you can find modest prom dresses. We had testimony meeting and we all got prettied up(Sister Randall works at NuSkin so she has a whole big make-up kit) it was really fun! The bishopric came up and they brought tons of pizza and root beer Yum! We then walked up to our fire pit thingy and started testimony meeting. I did share my testimony but to be honest it took me awhile to get the courage to go up and do it, I was really scared!
It was fun though! The only thing I didn't like about camp was certification that was boring. Oh well, got to learn it sometime right?!
The weather was really nice but it was hot!
On Friday we had a flag ceremony and cleaned up cabins, ate breakfast, and packed up! I got to say I was so excited to get home! Oh and guess what, Friday morning we saw a moose it was really big! We also saw lots of deer and prairie dogs!

Well camp was great but I am sure glad to be home and have nice warm showers!
Love you all so much!
Bianca Chatfield

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bianca and Mik--hip-hopping girls

Kate's dance performance Sleeping Beauty 2008

July 4th Celebration

I’ve attached a Smilebox photo clip of our fun 4th of July. (wait till after the fireworks and you will see some fun photos)

The kids began their 4th of July celebrations a night early by staying over at Grandma Chatfield’s house, staying up as late as they wanted watching Princess Bride and sleeping on her bedroom floor in sleeping! The next morning they were invited to escort Grandma to her ward July 4th breakfast. Kate fantasized about eating a big, fudgy, chocolate muffin for breakfast. Lois said she didn’t see anything but fruit, cereal and muffins with fruit in them…which of course wouldn’t interest Kate. They all ate well and then headed over to Grandma’s pool. That is where Kels and I came in.

Lots of wet, wonderful water to cool us down on the 103 degree holiday. After pool fun we headed over to Iceberg for some shakes and a burger. Good stuff! Then it was off to the theatre to see Kung Fu Panda. Funny movie and a cool place to hang out.

Earlier that week I bought a water slide pool inflatable, so we headed home after the movie and had some more water fun…then off to IHOP for dinner and then to cap off a great day we went over to Connie’s house for a little street fireworks.

We all slept well that night.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chatfield update 7/3/08

Happy 4th of July!
I was listening to the news today and they had Whitney Houston singing the National Anthem from years she sang my eyes started to tear as I thought of loved ones in foreign lands, lands with unrest and corruption, some with terrible destruction and my heart was touched with the thought of how blessed we are to live in a land that is free. Not perfect, but free. I’m grateful for those who have served and now serving to allow us freedom in this land of liberty.

I have been looking forward to July for a couple of months now. It has become a month that I truly feel free…for several reasons. We are free of many of the pressures of daily living and free to choose our summer fun, every day…sometimes we don’t even get out of bed until 9:00 AM! That is living!...and convincing your children that sleeping in is great! Kelsey is still in the habit of rising and shining at 5:00 AM…we haven’t convinced him yet.

School came to a close in a very positive way. Bianca was recognized for her hard work as a 7th Grade Honor Roll Student for the entire school year. She closed out the year with all A’s. Jake received all E-Excellent and VG-Very Good, and glowing comments from his 3rd grade teacher. She said she will miss him. Jake said he is ready for Summer! Kate’s Kindergarten grades were as expected, perfect. She told Mrs. Miner she would miss her but will visit when she returns to school for 1st Grade. Kelsey also graduated with honors and will begin the Masters program in the Fall at USU-UVU campus. Lots of U’s there! We hope to see lots of A’s next year too! I wasn’t graded on any of my fine work throughout the year but I’m sure I would rate very high on all my chauffer, car pooling, homework assistance, cookie baking, PTAing, etc.

The week following the last day of school we jumped into swimming lessons, cheer camp, youth conference, Lois’ big b-day bash in Park City, dance performances, basketball camp, Stake R.S. Retreat, Cub Scout day camp and baseball games twice a week. Bianca is preparing to leave for Girls Camp next week and then I believe we will be ready for summer relaxation.

In all of those activities we learned a lot, had fun and will forever be grateful that we have such great things to do and fun people to do them with.

Bishop Kels is doing well. His first two weeks after being called to be bishop included visiting with an unwed mother in the hospital, marrying a sweet couple, conducting a meeting where two general authorities were in attendance and lots of phone calls from our Stake President. We know the Lord is strengthening Kels as he serves because he continues to be able to get the important things done…like a couple of golf games with Jake.

I was able to attend the marriage Kelsey performed and he gave the couple some great advice…actually the advice came from our High Priest Group Leader but Kels felt it appropriate to share at the ceremony. The counsel was: “It’s great to be right, but it’s even better to be kind.” Words we can all strive to live by.

Travis Hansen Charity Basketball Camp is what kept Jake busy for several days last week. Travis Hansen is a former BYU Cougar and has become a star pro ball player in Moscow. There is a great article about him and the basketball camp at He will be playing for the Russian Olympics basketball team. Jake was also able to receive some training from some of the BYU coaches and Ben Murdock, one of BYU’s starting basketball players. Jake was impressed when Ben told all of them that his dad used to get him up every morning at 5:00 AM to run basketball drills. Coach Rose gave the boys 4 tips on being a better teammate.
1. Be on time
2. Do what you say you’re going to do
3. Finish what you start
4. Be a good guy (no jerks allowed, just be nice)
I thought that was good advice for anyone whether they are on a team or not.

Bianca gave her first talk in Sacrament meeting. Her subject was testimony and she did a great job. We hope she is given the opportunity to share her testimony lots more…maybe at Girls Camp.

Kate was asked to give a talk in Primary about temples. She was very quick to say yes because of Grandma and Grandpa’s mission. She proudly displayed the picture of the Philippines temple with grandma and grandpa’s picture in it (thanks Dr. D.) and told everyone in Primary that they were helping people in the Philippines get sealed as families forever…”just like me!”

Jake has found a way to avoid giving talks in Primary…as soon as he knows his class has been given the assignment for next week he quickly volunteers to give the scripture or the prayer. One of these days someone is going to catch on…we hope.

FLASH**Kels just saved the day for 3 little baby quail. They were stuck in our downstairs window well and had no hope of freedom. The parents kept coming to peek over and were obviously distraught. Kels and his shovel freed the birds and boy did they scamper once their little feet hit the grass. We hope they will continue to grow big and strong and avoid the big, nasty snakes in the grass.

Yesterday I was given my first perk as the new PTA president. The principal gave me full disclosure of where they placed Kate and Jake in the 1st and 4th grades. I know the teachers they are assigned to, and that is unheard of at our school. And what was even better, Mr. Rowe told me I could make any changes I felt necessary. I felt good about the placements and didn’t feel the need to make any changes but sure am looking forward to a few more fun perks.

We hope your holiday (sorry mom and dad—you have to miss out this year) is a good, safe one.
We love you and feel blessed to live in a country where we are free to love, learn and worship as we wish.

July 4th Celebrations

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