Monday, August 31, 2009

Chatfield Chatter entry August 2009

Dear Chatter, (Kelsey's family newsletter)
First of all, we request a moment of silence and a Scout salute toward Springville, where Kels has finally retired his old Explorer uniform. It’s the same one that Dad and Mom bought for him so that he could have a decent Scout shirt at his Eagle court of honor over 30 years ago. Somewhere along the line he pulled the youth badges off of it; he updated it when we moved so that it had the correct troop number and council patch; and a few years after the Church stopped sponsoring Explorer units, people started asking what the deal was with the dark green color for a Scout uniform. Recently one of the sleeves started coming off, and the cloth is paper thin, so we thought it best to get him a current uniform. Some people at mid-life get a sports car or a trophy spouse, but since Kels started with a trophy wife and never drives anywhere, he is good with a new Scout uniform.

Kellie’s year as PTA president at the local grade school really seemed over once the kids got back to school. She has helped with a few things for teachers, but only as a mom and a committee member. It’s nice not to be the one in charge anymore. Her new hobby is finding a way to get to the Holy Land. Her brother John and his wife Christine had their youngest leave on a mission to Portland (Spanish speaking), then they in turn were called to serve at the BYU Jerusalem Center. Since Kellie has always wanted to visit Galilee and Jerusalem, she immediately wanted to plan a trip. Kels still has nightmares about the long, long flights to Moscow (three different times) and fears the same would be true for an Israel trip. He figures laying on a beach in Mexico would be more relaxing, and a Spain (where he served his mission) trip would be educational. We’ll probably end up going to Disneyland and calling it good. (Kellie inserts…oh no we won’t!)

Bianca started ninth grade a few days ago, which in Sacramento would mean high school. Here in Springville it means being condemned to one more year of junior high. But soccer season just started, so she has something to look forward to, at least for a couple of months. She scored the only goal in the team’s first game. So are you supposed to be happy or sad when your team loses but you shine? Bianca has the next SpringChats birthday, but that still means two full months until she turns 14, and Kels keeps threatening to show up at Church dances and show his best moves to all her friends. It’s tough to be excited about anything when you’re this age.

Football season makes Jake smile, win or lose. Flag football in a city league? He’s in. Touch football during recess? Glad to be back in school. Pro games starting in a few weeks? Time to tune up the fantasy team and convince Kellie to DVR a few games. Jake just wishes his folks cared enough about football to have BYU season tickets. But Grandpa Jackson is back in town, maybe he can find a way to a game or two this year. Jake watched the X Games to check out the skateboarders, and he wears out the deck of his board grinding it on everything in sight. He’s nice when he’s asleep, which isn’t at bedtime but is at get-up-for-school time. His prayers were answered when he got the fifth grade teacher that is known for not assigning much homework. Jake’s parents hope this bright boy learns enough to be able to sign the (insert sport currently being played) pro contract that will inevitably be offered to him as soon as he’s 18.

So that leaves Kate, who was saddened not to be old enough to go with the other kids to the Oquirrh Mountain temple dedication today, but who was thrilled to be able to stay home with Kellie and have some girl time. Second grade is cool because she has a fun teacher that also taught Jake in second grade. Kate loves practicing the piano, and is always trying to pick out favorite songs by ear. We hope that she gets good enough to support her parents in their old age, but we can fall back on her promise that she’ll always live with us. I guess we can’t hold a seven year old to that promise forever, but it feels nice anyway. Kate will be the last kid in our ward to turn eight, so we look forward to her baptism in early Jan 2010. She says you’re all invited.

Kate writes—I love pink! And I love 2nd grade. My teacher says that I get to do “fun math”. I really like to read books like The Magic Treehouse and Junie B. Jones. Ewww…I love Junie B. Jones. I like to do homework but my teacher doesn’t give me very much. I love flamingos…cause they are pink, but my teacher won’t let me bring any into class. Soon I get to be “Queen for a Day” and that will be fun. I get to show my friends all the things about my life. I also get to be first in line and be a big helper. We had a fire drill today and it was exciting, but I kinda jumped when the bell went off. Well I’m going to call a friend now to play. Bye.

Bianca writes—Hi! I started ninth grade and I love it! Seminary is my favorite class, but I’m still getting used to singing hymns and praying during school, it’s still kind of different. I just started soccer and it is so fun! We have a great team and a great coach so I hope we will start winning our games. I’m taking geometry and my teacher is great but it’s getting harder and harder! I still love Young Womens but I’m ready to move onto being a Mia Maid plus when I turn 14 I get to go to dances! Wahoo! I’m really excited for those! See ya!

Hey People, I’m Jake. My school year has been fun so far. In class right now we are learning about WWII. After we’re done with WWII we are going to learn about the Great Depression. I was the only one in my class that knew that after the war the hippie-peace thing started. I like to skateboard, play football, basketball and baseball. I also like to have air soft wars with my air soft gun. My favorite Wii game is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. See ya!

As you can see life has plenty to offer at the Chatfield home. Drop by for some fun if you’d like. Love to all of you.
Kels, Kellie, Bianca, Jake and Kate

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